My First Sketch: Watch live bitcoin transactions

Hello everyone,

This is my first p5.js sketch. It shows all the latest bitcoin transactions as raindrops:


If you click on it you can see the current size of the memory pool (where new bitcoin transactions on the network are held). It will also show new blocks when they get mined (roughly every 10 minutes).

I’m new to creating sketches, so I’m interested in any ideas for improvement. I hoping that it’s interesting or useful, even if you’re not familiar with how bitcoin works.

Thanks in advance!

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It looks like an interesting concept! However, right now the site says:

“Couldn’t connect to live transaction stream”

I have to admit, the idea of a processing-intensive website about bitcoin mining did make me nervous on first impression – my first thought was wondering if the site was going to attempt to have me mine bitcoin for it via JavaScript. :sweat_smile:

Same here :sweat_smile: but still tried it in the end. Didn‘t really do anything for the first 13 minutes until a Block was created apparently and the money/s field updated.

Hi Both,

Sorry about that. The server went down over the weekend whilst I was away, so you couldn’t see the full animation.

It’s back up and running now, so (hopefully) you can see it this time.

Sorry again about that. I’m currently working on making the server more robust for the future.


Ah ok :sweat_smile: Well, that explains it. Was wondering why nothing was raining down :blush: