[Linux] Processing should comply with the XDG directory standard

Currently, Processing on Linux creates a hidden folder in the user’s $HOME folder. For me, it creates /home/zjeffer/.processing/.

This is bad practice: it clutters the $HOME folder and this is a big problem if you install a lot of applications. Freedesktop’s XDG Base Directory Specification defines where applications should store their config and data files.

In my opinion, Processing should put the ~/.processing folder in either $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (default: $HOME/.config/processing) or $XDG_DATA_HOME (default: $HOME/.local/share/processing).

You can read more about XDG Base Directory Specification on the Arch Linux Wiki.

Agreed, @zjeffer. I’d prefer a less cluttered $HOME directory. My preference is $HOME/.config/processing

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Directories starting with a period is hidden by default anyway? (but I get it, I also use “show hidden files”…). I agree it would be cleaner, but I can’t say I care too much (as long as the Documents folder isn’t cluttered with anything else but my stuff).

On my windows system, I long since gave up on the (My) Documents folder and made my own, to have in peace from all the mess of game save clutters. It may be a click or two extra to navigate to it some times, but I’m used to it.

Relevant comic:

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As much as I (already) love that cartoon, the XDG specifications are pretty much the standard on Linux - one of few cases that hasn’t resulted in the outcome of that cartoon.

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It looks like it also puts java files in $HOME/.java/, instead of using _JAVA_OPTIONS as described here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/XDG_Base_Directory#Partial (see the Java#OpenJDK option)