Just FYI, the movie "Extraction" has lifted code from your website

Was just watching this and the code was clear enough to read at 1:12, a quick google turned it up, its a very slightly modified version of the code found here:


Clearly they have just deleted a few lines as the code shown has errors due to the removed lines. Figured people here might get a laugh out of it being used like this in a major film.


Thanks for sharing! Is that this 2015 film?

If you have a screenshot, please share – something for Mike Davis’ scrapbook.

You might also enjoy the definitive list of Source Code in TV and Films:

Extraction hasn’t been submitted yet – so I would also recommend submitting it there!

See also:

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Sure thing, and yes, it’s the 2005 movie you referenced.

Correction though I didn’t realise that the time index on Netflix was a count down, it’s actually at around 19:30 in.


Fun! I like that they changed “draw” into “drawcycle”

How did you search for it?

I just searched for the exact string // Add cells at random places using google. You will note they removed the line defining cX, but proceed to use it, so it’s clearly modified a bit.

Oh Great, that’s a fun thing to know and also that netflix bit.

I submitted this to Source Code in TV and Films with a writeup of the scene, and it is now listed here:

Extraction (2015), around 17:30. Hacking a CIA mobile phone: "Dude, this is crazy." "You do it all the time, Darryl." "Yeah, on like Czech porn stars

Yes they have modified it to an extent.