Getting pull requests merged into processing-video project

I recently submitted a pull request to the processing video library. I took a peek at the other outstanding pull requests against the library and was concerned to see that there doesn’t seem to be any progress on getting them merged.

I’m eager to get my change merged, and I think the other changes should be merged too. It’s unclear what’s holding the process up.

I’m so grateful to the folks who have put time into making this great library, and I know it takes a lot of time and effort to review pull requests. Nevertheless, it seems like something in the pipeline is wrong if there’s a pull request from 4 years ago that still hasn’t been resolved.


I believe (?) that @gohai and @codeanticode are the primary contributors / maintainers, but they have very limited time.

Perhaps you could contact them through this forum or github and see if there are ways for you to contribute more actively – or rally more support for code review help, or document testing on the proposed pulls, etc.

Thank you @alexmiller for your patch, and @jeremydouglass for raising this issue.

Unfortunately, processing-video is largely unmaintained these days. Andres used to take care of it, but he is not so active in this area any longer. I tried to help with the port to GStreamer 1.x, and produced a number of patches that got the code 90% of the way without doing a full rewrite, but this hasn’t sparked anyone else to step up to the plate - I and don’t have the urgent drive to start maintaining this myself (to do a decent job would require just an awful lot of time).

It might be a good idea to reach out to the Processing project or the Processing Foundation over this. They are definitely aware, but I don’t know what their plans of addressing this are in this regard.

Thanks @gohai. I sent an email to last week but haven’t heard back. Is there a better way to get in contact with them?

hello @alexmiller. @jeremydouglass and @gohai have summarized the current state of things. it’s true that the library needs care and we haven’t been able to manage it. we have the video library as a priority for our google summer of code submission this year. if we’re accepted into the program and if a student comes forward who wants to work on the library, andres @codeanticode, the original library author, has agreed to mentor the update. that’s a lot of “ifs,” but it’s the current best plan. if the summer of code plan doesn’t work out, we’ll try to work out something else.

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Andres also shared a contact with me a couple of weeks ago who is potentially interested in taking on updating work on the Video library, but I haven’t heard more since. I’ve offered help with bindings usage where required. Some things will break soon!

I’d potentially be interested in sharing parts of the player and capture code from PraxisLIVE if there’s agreement to break API compatibility for v2 of the Video library. The current API has some key issues and inefficiencies. Not to mention the PR in this thread shouldn’t really be necessary.