I'm almost done with my Illustrated JavaScript coding course

I’m almost done with my “Illustrated JavaScript coding course.”
It is in PowerPoint format and has about 700 slides and 300 exercises.

See here more:

Disclaimer: It is based on codeguppy platform, which uses p5.js with modification as a base. Some exercises can be adapted to pure p5.js sketches.



Suggested grade levels: 8th - 12th, Higher Education

What age groups do these correspond to?

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On slide 37 you have this statement, you might want to correct the grammar

If computer will output errors, please check carefully the typed-
in program against the program on the slide. Ask for assistance if
you need help.

Probably worth getting someone to proof read the course.

I would suggest that rather than have the entire course as one huge PowerPoint file you split it into several smaller presentations covering individual / specific topics. From an educators point of view this would makes the course more flexible by enabling

  • monitoring individual / collective student progress and understanding
  • optional reinforcement exercises for any student(s) struggling with a particular topic (created by the tutor)
  • the order of topics presented to vary, for instance introducing classes before closures.
  • makes it easier for the tutor to incrementally customize any part of the course to suit their students

You could still sell the ‘complete course’ as a single item.

Overall a very impressive piece of work.


Looks great!

Maybe find a publisher and publish it as a book…


It would be nice to have this as a website

One page and then next button

Or even with chapters

I remember quark once did a page turning animation

With web: Then you could have live coding like here:



I’ve noticed your CodeGuppy platform is using Processing’s println(), which has gotten abandoned (and doesn’t work anymore) by p5.js in favor of just print() a long time ago.

For easier adaptation, it’d be nice if you had print() as an alias to println().

And for new material starting using print() as well. :books:


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your feedback on the course. I greatly appreciate your input and the positive comments you’ve shared.

Your suggestion about splitting the course into smaller, topic-specific presentations is valid. I actually intend to deliver the final presentation in 21 PPT files. The smaller presentations make it easier for educators to customize the course to meet their students’ needs.

I once again appreciate your feedback! I hope now that I will find interested Coding Teachers for the PPT…

An “online” version would probably make the materials more accessible…

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Thanks for the suggestion!