Java SE and installing for 64-bit OSX

Hi, I am a newbie to the forum but have some working experiences with processing™

I just wanted to know what Apple Mac is using to replace Java virtual machine, I was asked to install latest version of Java SE 15.0 but I have always been running my processing sketches on this MBP for awhile, I didn’t realize to install Java Web start or VM, anyone know if that if Java SE is 64-bit?


Yes, Java SE is 64-bit
Java Web Start is unfortunately deprecated since Java 9 and has been removed in Java 11
Processing brings the Java 1.8.0 Update 202 JVM (→ Java 8) out of the box (At least on my Windows PC)

As I don’t use Apple products I don’t know what they are trying to do but Java is probably going to stay being available for MacOS.

Java SE 15.0 (→ Java 5) was released in 2004 and got (public) security updates until 2009. I wouldn’t advise you using Software needing a version of Java that old.

Thanks, that’s not too good when the Java SE is more than 10 years. I see I didn’t have to install Java on Apple is becasue it might have been using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java 6 or above in pre-installed on OSX sufficiently enough for running Processing IDE.

I have installed a version of Java JDK on my Windows 7/8/10. I will look through Java documentation for a newest version of the Java on the Mac. If there is any, thank you for clearing that up.


What / who asked you to do this?

Keep in mind that if you are using the Processing IDE, it comes with its own version of Java already built-in to PDE – you do not need to install, change, or upgrade any system Java, either for Mac or Windows. PDE comes with the right Java, batteries included.

If you are trying to develop Processing applications in something like Eclipse – so, programming in Java in a non-Processing IDE, using Processing as a library rather than a language – then you will want to install a correct version of Java as a library available to Eclipse – again, you don’t need to mess with the Mac or Windows system Java at all, and you can install multiple Javas side-by-side as resources. The recommended version if you plan to build Processing 3 is JRE 8u202:

Although if you are planning on creating libraries / tools / applications in Eclipse then Java 10/11 may work just fine for you.

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Hi, Thank you for contributing to the conversation, I’ve noticed that after installing JRE, my processing sketches are running smoother and the loading timing and eGPU process improvement on the graphic displays on my MacBookPro machine. Before making the installation, there are always a prompt window asking to install Java, I finally chosen to make it. Maybe due to other applications I am running in the backend. I know Processing Java is ITB, and I run a VJ software and syphon with processing™ but none of them requires OTB Java. I think therefore is just a marketing window popup request.

Thank you much appreciations.

Great! Just to really underscore this point:

If you are running Processing using PDE on Mac, just remember: installing / updating / changing / adding to the system Java on your Mac does not change which Java Processing uses at all. uses its own Java in You can use “Show Package Contents” in Finder to inspect it. If you used a Java system installer, those files in will remain unchanged, and those are the files used when you run sketches.

So installing Java on your Mac might have somehow changed something about how your Mac runs overall if you have Java apps running in the environment – I’m glad if you are seeing better performance of your desktop for some reason! – but if you are using, installing Java on your Mac doesn’t change anything about the Java that uses or how it uses it.