Jagged text problem Windows

Hello! So recently I tried the minim sound library and I tried their example formula that displays the waveform of the music file that’s playing but even though I used smoothing it’s till jagged even with smoothing(8) basically there is no difference.And I think the problem is not with antialiasing or not. My processing sketch title’s text is blurry or jagged so I think the same thing is causing the problem with the waveform in minim as well. So if I fix that I fix the waveform as well. Basically I think it’s a problem outside of processing but what is it?Check it out how the text in the processing is kinda blurry or jagged and not the code the rest of the program where the sketch title is. That happens also when I start the program. The splash screen is blurry or jagged. You know where it says processing 4.0 bla bla version number and so on when it’s loading the program.