Smooth() for android

Is it possible to get the smooth() function to work on processing for android? all my graphics have non-smooth edges whether i use the function or not. if not is there any other way i can anti alias my graphics? thanks.


Could you post your code so we can take a look at what’s going on?

Hi, ive attached a screenshot of what the code produces. the shape has jagged edges and clearly has not had an anti aliasing filter applied to it. text seems to render ok but imported PNG’s implemented with PShape are also not treated with anti-aliasing.

void setup(){

void draw(){

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I think you might need to put a value in the smooth function, try smooth(8), I’ll link to the documentation.
I hope that works.

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Hi gonadgranny,

Try using fullScreen(P2D).

If I remember correctly, there is an issue with smooth() and the default renderer.

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Ah yes the combination of fullScreen(P2D) and smooth(8) has done the job. thanks!

Ah, it appears i spoke too soon. While the shapes now look good the text has turned blurry. is there any way around this or am i stuck with good type and bad graphics or vice verse?

8 might be too high. Try using 2.

Yes the text is still blurry unfortunately…

…ok it seems by adding some more textSize() commands. thanks for the help.

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