It´s possible to decompose 3D graphics to video 2D to get UV´s?

I don´t know if it possible to do, but I will try to explain what I want to do.The graphics generated in 3D:

I would like to decompose (unwrap) on 2D video like this to obtain the UV for a a Sphere,

Imagine that the video we were generating in 3d was like Earth, and you can get a video like the one on the left, in 2d version:

Thanks in advance!


Are you trying to go 2D -> 3D, or 3D-> 2D? It isn’t clear what your input and your desired output is. Do you want to animate the “unwrapping” effect, or just display at the final result?

Your first example results in a t-shape – your second result is a mercator (or similar) projection. Which approach do you want?