Edit/Transform rect() together with the video beneath it?

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty sure this should be fairly easy but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it and didn’t find anything online (probably because it’s to obvious :D).
I am using using a video that i am cutting and cropping into multiple parts, that are then distributed over the screen. But before that I want to ad some shapes (for example a rect()) and lines that work like a fake GUI. Some of them should be cropped and moved with the video. I guess I want to burn some of that GUI into the image. Is there a way to store everything that is drawn so far inside a PImage? Or is there another approach? Basically what I need is the video and the GUI combined so that I can use get() to crop it.

Any hints to what I could do are welcome!
Thanks in advance!


Sounds like you’re looking for the createGraphics() function. You can find more info in the reference.