Issues setting up exlipse classpath - can't find jai_imageio.jar

I can build and run processing fine using ant, however I’m having issues getting eclipse to work correctly, there are tonnes of build path errors. Following the build instructions, it mentions that:

it’ll complain about the lack of jogl-all-src.jar

This is true, but it’s also complaining about not having a lot of other jar files, like ant.jar, jna.jar, jna-platform.jar, gluegen-rt.jar, etc.

It’s not obvious where to find these, I could probably track them down from the build.xml but there should be a better way.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve found that almost all of the jars are included in the project, eclipse just didn’t detect them (Or I did something wrong). It seems like the relative paths weren’t working, so I’ve just gone through and made them all absolute paths.

The exception is jai_imageio.jar for processing4-tools-moviemaker, which doesn’t seem to be in the project like the others. Where it should be is just ffmpeg.exe, and MovieMaker.jar.