Is there any way to copy the code?

It is hard to only select the code and copy big ones from a post. If not I suggest adding a button (since we allow pasting the code here) to copy the whole code at a click. A helpful link.


but if you do it on a daily basis you find your way, like:

  • mouse drag down ( select) over the first line of code
  • walk down to the end of the code
  • press/hold [Shift] and click after the last “}”

so the whole code is selected

  • press [Ctrl][c] for copy

but yes, that copy to clipboard is wanted,
same as that the OP use the code block: [</>] Preformatted Text for their code
– and not PASTE as text
– or even more bad, use the ["] Blockquote what is damaging the code.

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Yo, I sometimes use this trick.

Never did that before! I merely create a mouse rectangular selection of the whole code block. :smile_cat:

that’s what we talk about here:
the usual mouse click / drag down / release
what you call “mouse rectangular selection”
sometimes with long code ( OS / Browser dependent ) just does not work,
( or i should buy a new mouse?? )

i can try downwards, upwards… only catch a piece

in that situation the [Shift]click trick helps

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  • 1st I click & hold at the left-top corner of the block code.
  • Then I move the mouse to the far right side.
  • After that I move the mouse farther down, completing a rectangle.
  • Then a scroll down automatically starts.
  • I just need to maintain the mouse at the right-bottom until the whole code is selected.
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Last two steps are what the trouble is. I can’t easily make it to scroll on perfect speed.Sometime it is so slow or some time it is fast enough to get selected all around from topic.

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