IDE Console Window Single Line Select

I have just discovered that if you treble-click on the console window, it selects the current line (and then you can copy it with ^c).

Other features:

  • double click selects one word.
  • F8 lets you use the up and down arrows to adjust the console window height. (It’s too slow to be really useful.) End the action with Tab (whatever).

Processing 4.2


Which operating system?

Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

I was having trouble getting it to work on MacOS, but it finally did work. I always thought that the inability to copy/paste error messages was a serious drawback to the editor and led to a lot of screenshots being posted. Thanks for telling us about a feature that I never knew existed.

And you can also use Ctrl-a to select all?

And you can also use Ctrl-a to select all?

Yes (cmd-a on a Mac).

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Hello folks,

There is also the “Copy to clipboard” button:

After clicking on it:

If you press the shift key and click on the button it also does a web search for the error:

If you are not familiar with the clipboard on Windows:


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I have never been able to get ‘copy to clipboard’ to work on a Mac.