Can't make a selected text a code

why can’t i make it a code?

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can you please post your code as text instead of using an image

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How did you try it?

Thank you.

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There used to be a button to turn text into code.
like this one here:

But now it’s not there.

How can it help?
Actually, that button is long gone. I thought it would be fixed later, but for some reason it’s still not there.

Ah, you mean here in the forum?

You are right the button is missing.

@sableRaph bug in forum software, missing button for code (only on mobile, on a normal browser it’s there)

You can also use ctrl-e or write mark-up Test

Use this sign before and after the code (within one line):

And for multiple lines three of those before and after the code section :

   for {

( My iPhone destroys those but on a PC it’s working)

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I previously resolved this by applying a solution found in the thread linked below, but the most recent update to Discourse has unfortunately undone that fix. I posted in the thread and plan to contact Discourse support in hopes of a resolution.

In the meantime, you can three backticks before and after a code block like so:

your code


Update: I removed the prior fix and the button reappeared in the cog menu on mobile. We would need an alternative fix to bring the button back in the header menu.


This should be fixed now! Let me know if you notice any further issues when formatting code.

For future reference: here is the fix I applied.