Is there a plan to make Folders in My Sketches?


I am a middle school teacher who uses p5js with her 8th grade students. My Sketches are starting to get filled up with similar projects, and it would be infinitely easier if I were able to folder or sub my works under a name or similar tag. That way I could organize my sketches, by project, or WIP vs Done.

I don’t know if its been mentioned before, or if it’s in development. But I know its something that would really be beneficial to me, and hopefully the rest of the community.

Hi @MissChervinsky,

Assuming you are talking about p5js Webeditor !?
If so, you can use collections to sort your work by categories/topics …

But you can always create a simple web page by your own on which you can make a ie. dashboard and simply href your projects.

— mnse


I don’t know if it’s in development, it is a very good idea, you may consider using elaborate extensions on p5js web editor or saving the files on your PC or using GitHub repository.