Can't find the folder for my program

I’m using p5.js web editor & I’m trying to place a picture in my program, but idk where the folder is so I can place the image in the folder & then display it. I know how to display it once I get the picture in the folder.

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Click the little arrow to the left of the sketch name:


This will display the directory structure:


You can use the down arrow next to Sketch Files (or items under the Sketch menu) to add folders and files.


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That still doesn’t let me get to the folder where i add pictures I did find a download button guess that is how you do it. Turns out downloading the file then dropping the picture in the file doesn’t work sadly. I’m getting an error thing saying isTrusted = true catagory = object. I tried dragging my picture into the folder tried creating a file with its name and still nothing.

Add a folder like this:

The other way of doing this is from the main menu:

Once your folder exists, add a file to the folder.

Here are detailed video instructions on adding a file:

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ty that been useful long ago

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