Is Println deprecated?

is the method println() to print a new line deprecated?

because it is still being used in p5.js-sound sketches and it throws an error saying prinln is not defined!!!

i am using
p5.js version 0.6.1
p5.js-sound version 0.3.12

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console.log(), but p5.js also has the print() method.


Where --is this in the examples, or on the website…? Worth reporting as an issue to fix on the p5.js GitHub issues.

println is still being used in sketches of p5.js-sound repo not on the main repo !

and at many more places inside examples folder of the repo p5.sound

and indeed it produces error !!! :zipper_mouth_face:


it is already there :smiley:
i think i need to update the example of p5.sound and add a PR for that !!!


Thank you so much for doing that! Please post the issue num here once you’ve opened it:

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Here we go!
I have replaced println with console.log and i have asked for review for the same!