Is pixelDensity() locked into scaling only to the current displayDensity()?

I’ve got a standard (low-res) monitor. I tried to set pixelDensity() to 2, but that throws up an error at runtime saying that particular density isn’t available for my display. Only density 1 seems to be available. Shouldn’t the option to use non-native pixel densities be available to us, for testing purposes?

I know as a workaround I can create a global variable like scaleFactor and set it to whatever, and then use that as a multiplier in size() and in every equation in the sketch. But I’m curious why pixelDensity() seems to be locked to the current display’s density. Is this more of a question for GitHub?

Bump. Wondering if this is the default behavior and there’s no way around it, or if I’m doing something wrong. Anyone know? I ended up doing a project where I used a scale factor variable as a workaround, and … it’s kind of a pain.

EDIT: aha, apparently there’s a hack workaround to get this working on Windows / Linux: