Processing display window looks pixelated on macOS Catalina

Hey guys! So this weird started happening after I upgraded to Catalina where the display window in Processing started to look pixelated. It happens with all 2D and 3D sketches. I checked with p5.js to see if I was going crazy but everything looks so much smoother over there. I downloaded 2 different versions of Processing from the website and the problem persists in both.

Any clues will be welcome since I haven’t found similar issues being discussed in the forums. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum! :wink:

Can you try to use the pixelDensity() function in your sketch and setting it to two?

From the documentation :

This function is new with Processing 3.0. It makes it possible for Processing to render using all of the pixels on high resolutions screens like Apple Retina displays and Windows High-DPI displays.

So that apparently solved it. Thanks!
Does that mean I messed something up in my settings? Or should I just add that line to my sketches from now on?

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I don’t know if Processing can automatically determine the pixel density of your screen but I’m pretty sure it’s not a configuration option.

You might want to add this line on every sketch :grinning:

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