Installing JRubyArt on the PI

I have just created a blog article on my experience of installing JRubyArt (a ruby wrapper around vanilla processing). From my experience the simplest way to get processing running on the raspberry is to install processings own raspbian image see wiki.

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Nice! Need to try out JRubyArt.

Thanks for writing this up so nicely, and including a link to the instructions in the Wiki - we’re about to switch to a brand new micro-site, that will make the installation steps more accessible to people … feel free to already link to this page instead!

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Thanks for heads up, I have updated the link to point to processing pi website rather than the wiki, I have yet to modify JRubyArt to pick up native binaries on raspberrypi but that’s on my to do list in the meantime the best experience is on a regular linux box.