Install P5. js mode for all user in a computer

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Good Day!

This is IT technician, I am install Processing 4 in our Mac Computer Lab, and install P5.js mode by click " Add mode" button locates on right concern.

  • Click drop down menu, top right
  • Select ‘Add Mode…’
  • Under ‘modes’ tab select ‘p5.js. Mode’
  • Install

It functional well under administrator account , but I switch to standard account ( students account) , and launching Processing , p5.js mode will missing in the mode categories.

why it is not apply to other user and how to fix the issue ? Thank you for your help in advance.

  • Each user got their own “sketchbook” folder.
  • That folder contains, besides all user’s sketches, all the libraries & modes installed by that user.
  • Libraries are inside subfolder “libraries” & modes are inside subfolder “modes”.
  • A possible workaround is creating a subfolder symbolic link in each user’s “sketchbook” folder pointing to your admin’s subfolder.
  • Doing so makes every1 share the admin’s modes & libraries.

Many Thanks for your help