[INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK] Error while creating a watch face


I am a beginner at Processing and I try to create a watch face on Processing 3.5.4, it runs perfectly as an APK and it is a clock app. I try to use this app on my SmartWatch as a watch face. Processing provides this option. But the problem is that I see the [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK] error when I press on Run button. Is there any way to change the targeted SDK? I try to change it from AndroidManifest, but it keeps changing. It sets the target SDK version as 28, and I need to set it as 23 because of my SmartWatch.

Thank you in advance.

@enginteymur ====
what is your minSdkVersion? - it must be set to 23 or less…

Well, that is also a problem. It sets minSdkVersion as 25 as I see it on the AndroidManifest file. This is also okay if I am able to change the minSdkVersion as well.