Import '' in Python mode


Just a quick question –

I would like to import the PerspectiveTransform and WarpPerspective classes from in Python mode.

Simply writing from import PerspectiveTransform, WarpPerspective returns an error:

ImportError: No module named media

What should I do to access / install / load this ‘media’ module in Python mode ?

For the moment I’m getting around this issue by first importing the Keystone library but it would be nice if I could directly access this “media” module.

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Hi @solub!

I have not tried on Java mode but maybe could be missing from the Processing standard libraries, according to this:

I’m no expert on it (I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong), but If you can find a .jar file of the library, you can add it to your sketchbook under libraries/lib_name/library/lib_name.jar and then use add_library("lib_name")on your sketch.


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I’ve found these related links: :link: