Image Sequence Player library for Processing


I’ve recently releases a simple library for Processing:

It’s very very similar to gifAnimation, instead it loads an image sequence and plays it back.

This is handy if you want more colours and better quality transparency than the gif format can offer and need frame based control (as opposed to video keyframes).

It was useful for many LED panel projects at Hirsch & Mann
and hope you find it useful too.

I’m open to feedback/suggestions.

If you have any tips on submitting the library to the Contribution Manager, more than happy to hear from you.


Thanks so much for developing and sharing this!

Are you asking for advice on the submission protocol – or is it for feedback on the library before it is submitted?

Your looks like it is already set up correctly. The process for submission of a library is detailed here:

…and happy to help if you have any further questions!


Feedback for the library before it is submitted would be amazing !
More than happy to update and improve it.

Going through the wiki as far as I can tell I simply need to email the Processing Librarian.

Thank you,


One recommendation: a best practice for GitHub distribution is to create a release tag eg “latest” or “PDE” and attach a zip with no version name, eg and the accompanying mylibrary.txt – then submit that as your url. This gives you a stable download url, and the released version is automatically updated in Processing whenever you tag a releases with “latest” (you can tag it with a version at the same time).

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@jeremydouglass I had a stab at following your instructions.

Hope I got them right:

  1. I manually created a release, uploading the generated .zip and .txt files (
  2. I also added a docs folder where I added generated files again (library zip, site and javadocs):

I’m not 100% if the second step is legit or if there’s a better way to set that up.

What do you think ? (What other improvements could I make / is it good to be submitted ?)

Thank you so much,

Some quick feedback:

  1. it looks like you accidentally attached the text file and the zip twice to your release. You can delete the duplicates.

  1. The docs folder doesn’t hurt anything, but it is unnecessary.

The key concept is that your file, once attached to a release, gets this URL

…but it also gets a URL for any tag it has.

  1. Now tag it with “latest” (or whatever stable tag you prefer)

Now, your attachment also has this URL:

This is the URL that you will submit when you submit your library.

Once your library is submitted, it will always check /latest/ for the txt and zip.

Then, when you make a new release, upload new attachments ImageSequencePlayer.txt and When you are ready to release it to Contributions Manager, tag your new release with “latest”. Now the contributions manager will find your new info and zip at the /latest/ URL.

Does that make sense?

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@jeremydouglass Thank you so much for the feedback, much appreciated :smiley:

  1. I’ve removed the the duplicates (hopefully the right ones :))
  2. I’ve moved the docs to the gh-pages branch to tidy up
  3. I’ve just tagged a realease with “latest”
    (For new releases I can delete the current “latest” and make a new “latest” tag, correct ?)

Did I get it ? :smiley:

That’s right! Note you can give a release multiple tags. So you can tag releases like this

v0.3 , latest
v0.4b , dev

…and whichever you choose tag “latest” (or “release”, or “PDE”, or whatever tag url you submit) will be what PDE shows and downloads. People can get your 0.4b release from your repo, but PDE won’t until you move the “latest” tag. In an emergency you could also roll the tag back to a previous release.


One tiny reminder – don’t forget to also tag your ‘latest’ with its version number. Right now it only says “latest” – but it is also something after 1.0.0, like 1.0.1, or 1.1.

That sounds nice! I would like to do that.

I tried it, but I think I’m doing it wrong ?

Can you please point me in the right direction ?

Many thanks again for your support :heart:

I can’t tell what is happening there. Did you create a tag called “@”? That is an illegal tag name.

Or maybe ? you created a tag called “1.0.1, latest” but you want to create two separate tags like this: “1.0.1” “latest”. Are you creating tags through the GitHub online, or through the GitHub desktop client, sourcetree, or command line git etc.?

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