How do I upload a Library to the processing community?

I want to start my own library for handling perlin noise and simple geometric shapes, but I can’t seem to find where do I put the files for it in this website, would someone happen to know how that is done?

Contributed libraries are not hosted on Processing’s website so you can’t simply upload files to their web-server

To have your own library available in the Contributions Manager involves a number of steps

  1. Create the library and package it in the correct format. If you are using Eclipse to create the library then you can use this template to compile and package your library
  2. Then you would need to store the library zip file and the library property file on a publicly available server linked to the Internet.
  3. At this stage you can contact Processing and ask for your library to be included in the Contributions Manager.
  4. When you create updates you replace the 2 files from step 2 with the new version and the Contributions Manager will look there for updates.
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