How to simulate overlapping/blocking of objects

Have a simple script that draws some overlapping noisy polygons. When you fill the polygons, the resulting shape looks like a rough cylinder, because the ‘behind’ parts of the polygons are obscured. But when I send this as svg to my AxiDraw plotter, each of the polygons are drawn in full, so I lose the ‘cylinder’ effect.

Wondering what ways I can clip out the parts that i want to be obscured? Would like to do it entirely inside processing-python rather than post-processing in inkscape before I launch it to my axiDraw.


You need to define your line drawing function and your own clipping functions.
There are no builtin functions that match your scenario.

Alternatively, you can use a library such as

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thank you, I’ll check out that library you cited.

I assume that the plotter plots lines and not points?

yeah, it draws lines. It can stiple, but that’s not very good.


Maybe these examples of Geomerative used in Python mode can be of some help:

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