Clipping an imported SVG using arbitrary shape

Hey Folks

Scratching my head on how to clip an imported SVG file using an arbitrary shape, not a rectangle. The two shapes I’m currently playing with is an isosceles triangle and an isosceles triangle that uses a bezier as the base rather than a straight line. But I’d like to be able to use any arbitrary closed geometry to clip the imported drawing. By clipping, I mean to cut out a shape from an imported SVG. I’ve attached a screenshot of the original SVG and the result I’m aiming for.

The result will be used on a laser cutter so it needs to result in a clean vector file.

clip() seems to only work with rectangles. I’ve also played with beginCountour()/endCountour() but that seems to just work with shapes drawn with beginShape()/endShape()?

Any and all help is appreciated.