How to make an operating system with processing?

Hello, I think it isn’t posible but…
Is there anyway to make an operating system with processing?
And to use an executable as OS?


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No is my answer to this.

Links that may be of interest to this topic:


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I feel like you could make one that runs on top of windows with enough processing and java work. But I’m not sure about one that runs without any other OS. Am I wrong?

Processing is coded in java and needs java to function so the only way to create an operating system in processing would be to create one in java and then add processing.

There’s a github repo to jx if you want to try it


That is a java implementation of an operating system and Processing is an application layer.

But still cool!


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And there is anyway to implement processing apps on my own OS (made in C++)?

Another reference:

And example:



If you want Processing-like apps in a C++ framework, I highly recommend using OpenFrameworks instead. While it isn’t connected to the Java library ecosystem, it has a Processing-like API and its own libraries and tools all in C++.


Hi! This is kind of related to your question. Yes - but not a real one. Just an application layer. I just published an update to mine today and while I was making a topic post about it today and it said your topic was related, and considering your question you might be interested.

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