If I make a pde in windows will it work in linux?

Can a sketch I’ve made in windows run in linux, assuming that linux has the right java versions and libraries?

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processing JAVA PDE
is made to be independent from operating system
( and that is why you should not use OS system commands from inside if possible )

so yes, i use same .pde file ( copy as directory / OR file OR just the content )
using processing 3.5.3
on Win 10 and Raspbian Linux
every day.

processing comes with own JAVA version,
but yes you might need to load the same library,
and there can be problems, as not all libraries are available for all OS’s


Yes, as @kll explained .pde sketches run through PDE are generally cross-platform as long as they don’t use system-specific commands like launch() or system-specific third-party libraries. The most common reason I see on the forums for a sketch to work on one computer and not another is “weird P3D OpenGL stuff” with the graphics card / video library, or sometimes with a sound card – mysterious hardware / driver-level issues. New operating system versions also may raise new issues – some sketches are working fine on everything but (some people’s) Catalina installs.

But, in general, cross-platform just works, and you can assume it will just work for the core API.

However, if you are using Export Application, those applications are platform-specific – in fact, you need to be running PDE on Mac in order to export Mac sketch applications.