How to loop through objects?

Let’s say that we have a simple class in use here:

boolean wheatClicked = false;
boolean carrotClicked = false;
boolean potatoClicked = false;

class Crop
  int quantity;
  Crop(int cropQuantity)
    quantity = cropQuantity;
  void IncrementData()
    quantity += 1;

  wheatClicked = false;
  carrotClicked = false;
  potatoClicked = false;

Crop wheat;
Crop carrot;
Crop potato;

void setup()
  wheat = new Crop(1);
  carrot = new Crop(5);
  potato = new Crop(10);

void draw()
  if (wheatClicked)
  if (carrotClicked)
  if (potatoClicked)

void mousePressed()
  if (mouseX > 100 && mouseX < 150)
    if (mouseY > 250 && mouseY < 300)
      wheatClicked = true;
    if (mouseY > 350 && mouseY < 400)
      carrotClicked = true;
    if (mouseY > 450 && mouseY < 500)
      potatoClicked = true;

However, there won’t be just 3 crops, there will be dozens. So do I have to physically write out dozens of dozens of lines of repetitive code? Or can I loop these in perhaps a for loop or something?

And if so, how would I do so?


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Yes. Instead of having one object for each of your crops, put all your crops in an array. It’s like a list of them.

Becomes just:

Crop[] crops = new Crop[12];

Now you suddenly have space for a dozen Crop objects! Next, use a loop to create them. Since this only happens once, do it in setup():

for( int i = 0; i < crops.length; i++){
  crops[i] = new Crop(0);

Now you can loop over them in draw() too, to draw them.

BONUS THOUGHT: Can you write a function in the Crop class that detects if a mouse was clicked on that crop? The Crop class will need to know a few things about itself… like its position…

See also: Arrays /


Cool! Thanks!

Oh and yes, I can do stuff with mousePressed and all that. This was just a short snippet I created.

Oh, and a quick question… so after I do this:

for(int i = 0; i < crops.length; ++i)
  crops[i] = new Crop(5);

Then I can do this?

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Yes, exactly. You pick one of the crops out of the list by using the square brackets [] with an index, and then you call the function on that crop object.


Cool, thanks! :ok_hand: