How to name objects with variables?

I have a class for a game, and i want to create more objects from that class. For that, i’d like to use a for loop. How to name the separate objects correctly? It is important, that later on i’d like to use their functions too.

Well, let’s say you want to make a Player class for a multiplayer game. The most naive way to instantiate them would be

Player p1 = new Player();
Player p2 = new Player();

and so on, which is tedious and what you’re trying to avoid. To put this in a loop, one way to do it is to use an array

Player players[];//declare the array
players = new Player[4];//create the array references (not the objects)

//loop initializes the objects in the array
for(int i = 0; i  <  players.length;  i++ ){
  players[i] = new Player();

//objects can now be addressed individually by index...

If you aren’t sure how many objects you’ll need to store, look into the ArrayList data structure. If you want to address them by key-value pairs, look into hashmaps.