How to launch Processing .exe with Windows 10 Task Scheduler?

Looking to improve the method for starting exported applications from Processing.

In the past I have used the “startup” folder located in the bowls of Windows to automatically launch sketches I have exported from Processing when the computer booted. Send it right to full screen and it’s art installation ready.

However, I am looking at how to do it on command. Such as using the Windows 10 “Task Scheduler” program. It can do lots of things like restart the computer and open other files, etc.

But, I cannot seem to get it to open an exported processing application. A .exe. to be sure.

I can double click it just fine in the File Explorer but when I use Task Scheduler is will not run. The same syntax will load a Chrome or any other program.

Do other people experience this too?

To be sure you just…

  1. Create a new Task
  2. Give it a name
  3. Set the Trigger to Daily
  4. Set the Action to “Start Program”
    Details -> “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application|\chrome.exe” (WORKS!)
    Details -> “C:\Users\User\Documents\My App1.exe” (DOES NOT WORK?)

Are there any arguments to use in the Action to push this through?

Any other tips on why this might not be working, how to fix, or alternative methods of launching exported applications in an automated fashion.

Thank you very much!


When you are here:


Also add the folder where your exe is to here:

Start in (optional):

That worked for me to launch a Processing exe



Start in (optional):


I just tried this with my Countdown Timer and it works: