How to get c++ for eclipse working I've followed all the steps for mac

Hello there,
to make a library I need to get my eclipse working.
I have installed xcode. I’ve set the binary parser.
There is a message ‘No binary’ I do not know what this means

Hi @AntiViral_Builder – I’m sorry, but I don’t know what “I’ve followed all the steps for mac” means. What steps have you followed, from where? Can you link to them?

This is a forum for Processing, not C++. It supports development in the Processing modes and dialects – Java, as well as JavaScript, Python, and R, but not C++. If you want to do a pure C++ project, use OpenFrameworks and ask for C++ support on their forum – as mentioned on your previous question. If you want to call out to an existing external C++ library, you can try JNI or JNA (but this is advanced – if you are a Processing / Java beginner, understand that this is really hard).

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If you want to write your own C++ library, that is off-topic for this forum. If you have already written a C++ library and it is fully working then we can try to help you use it in a Processing project.