Can I make a custom library with eclipse C++

If there is a way of doing this could you please tell me how to do it. I know that I need eclipse and a library from GitHub, but how would I find it?

If you want something like Processing that is C++, rather than Java, and will use C++ libraries, rather than Java libraries, then here are some suggestions:

  1. openframeworks – it is like Processing, but for C++

  2. libxd – a 2D graphics library for C++ with a Processing-like API

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Thank you for telling me about openframeworks. I have installed a version (it might not be the right one) xcode and I followed the instructions and I can’t get it to work. I will look at eclipse C++; to figure out the rest.

If you need to install openframeworks, you can get it from the official site – and get help on their forum if you have problems or questions:

If you want to develop a Processing library that is a Java wrapper for a C++ library, you can use JNI. Past discussions of JNI: