Export ubuntu - file don't start

I used processing for years with windows, but I try now to export some old and new sketchbox with ubuntu.

The problem is just:
applications doesn’t start

and I absolutely don’t know why.

Maybe you have to run it in command line.
go to your app with : cd /home/../../myApp and ./myApp

“commande introuvable” - trad: “unknow command” :-/

I set in “properties” – allow to execute as program
don’t work too

here are my export files

this a very very small soft who simply create a pack of “random names” from text files (on “include” folder. Maybe it work everywhere, except on my system - I just need to find why/

I download your app and on my ubuntu mate 18.04 64 bits and it runs perfect.
I type this
cd vendarNameGenerator/application.linux64/
and after
The rights seems to be good, mystery …

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I’m so stupid !
I forgot the “./” :wink:

Stupid errors are great many with computer, don’t blam you