How to draw an exact 1 monitor pixel line in Processing

Is it possible to draw an exact 1 monitor pixel line in Processing 3.? I have an 8k LG TV set as monitor to my desktop computer. I tried but all the time the thinest line appears in 2 pixels thick.
Thanks in advance.

So first of all you need to make sure that windows actually sees your 8k monitor as an 8k display, not just as a 1080p display scaled up by a factor of 4 on both axes (check you graphics card settings / windows display settings).

With regards to Processing, the default stroke width is 1, you can set it to 1 (or any other number of course) with


You can also just make a screenshot and check if the height of the image is 4320px, which is the height of an 8k 16x9 display.


This was the reason: windows did not see my 8k tv as an 8k display. I managed in the end; now the problem is solved. Thank You very much. In fact, it all started with my desire to be able to control as accurately as possible. every pixel of my 8k screen, which I paid a lot of money for. That’s because I want to figure out how the graphic card in my desktop computer transmits through HDMI 2.0 this 8k resolution, 30 fps of course ( its’s a Nvidia Geforce 1660 Super). Also for testing my LG Nanocell screen, etc.
Now, I would ask You if posssible and You know: I also tried with MS Paint and now it really draws one pixel forms on the 8k resolution screen. My question is if in Processing is there possible much greater control over the accuracy of the drawing at pixel level, compared to MS Paint for example; I mean aliasing, contrast and the like. Thanks again.
Ilie Banuta

Yes, Processing does offer a little more control over pixels than mspaint. Go ahead and check for all the methods there are. Things like noSmooth(), smooth(), strokeWeight(), strokeCap() or strokeJoin() are probably what you are looking for. But in the end, both Processing as well as mspaint allow you to change every pixel individually, though that is often not the most efficient way to do things.