How to create Parabola?

So I’m doing a project for school (only been using processing for a week or two), and I’ve been tasked with creating a program that can draw Bézier curves (which i kinda sorted out), and parabolas (preferably on top of eachother). The thing is, i just can’t figure out how to get processing to actually calculate or draw a parabola. I’ve read some people saying i need to use ‘point’, but I couldn’t find any information saying this works.
Anybody got some info that could help?

My code so far:

float P0x =100;
float P0y = 260;
float P1x = random(1, 1280);
float P1y = random(1, 720);
float P2x = random(1, 1280);
float P2y = random(1, 720);
float a = 12;
float b = 13;
float c = 14;
float x = 15;
float fx = a*(x*x)+b*x+c;

void setup() {

  size (1280, 720);
  stroke(66, 133, 244);
  line(P0x, P0y, P1x, P1y);
  line(P1x, P1y, P2x, P2y);
  stroke(234, 67, 53);
  bezier(P0x, P0y, P1x, P1y, P1x, P1y, P2x, P2y);

  fx = a*(x*x)+b*x+c;
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Do you know how to make a parable in maths?

Make a for loop x from -100 to 100

then say

    float scale = 0.08; 
    float y = scale * (x*x);

Then point (x, height-y); (which maps the y-value upside down)

After this, close the for loop }

at the start of draw() say translate(width/2, -30);


fx is my y; the rest see above