How to change I2C address of MLX90640 (32x24) thermal camera sensor?

Dear All,
As I know so far, MLX90640 thermal camera sensor have options to change address. I want to change the I2C address, so that I can use multiple sensors of the same kind with different address… Datasheet page 19 ( says that we can change ID1, ID2, ID3. How to change this? Please share me some codes if you have worked on it.

Thanks a lot

Hi @achumarya!

Do you already have a library that is made to use MLX90640 with Processing? Usually, libraries for I2C devices have a parameter that specifies the address of the sensor. If there is no library, the library needs to be created first and there are some libraries out there in other programming languages that could be a good starting point. Here are a couple examples:

The official C library:

Python library from Pimoroni:

If making a library from scratch is too much work, there are other ways to make this work (through Arduino or through Python library running on the Pi and sending data over MQTT to Processing). Here is a an example using Arduino and Processing together with this sensor:

Let me know if something is not clear.