Thermal Imaging

I have a thermal imager (AMG8833) that is connected to an Arduino Uno and is communicating to my serial port. I want to use Processing to display the thermal data as an image. It has an 8 X 8 resolution. So far none of the basic sketches in the example libraries are working for me. Any tips for modifying the existing examples to do what I want to do simply? I’m a novice (I know nothing, I just tinker a lot!).

There are many steps here, and it’s not clear which one you are having trouble with. I assume you have the sensor talking to your Arduino. Do you have your Arduino talking to Processing? Can Processing access the sensor data (that is, can your print it with, say, println())? Do you have a basic Processing sketch? What does it do? Does it draw anything? Can it draw something based on the data you are getting?

Without more details, it’s not possible to help you.

I can view the real time data in either tabular form (serial monitor showing an 8 X 8 grid of data) or graphically (serial plotter showing 8 different color line graphs) through the IDE. I would like to take this data and “process” it to display a real time color gradient thermal image. Can you help me?

Please post the code you have so far.

Is this in the Processing IDE?


No. It is not the processing IDE that I am referring to here. That is what I am trying to develop (albeit from already existing code). The Arduino puts out a 8X8 “array” (temperature grid) that is continuously updated (once per second) to the serial port. Can I take that and write a 'processing" code that will color map it for a live view (thermal image)?

That is possible. Check for the keyword heatmap and you will get some posts that you will find helpful.


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