How long does it take to learn C?

Is there an online course that can help me to get basic skills and start my career in C programming.

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Depends on your adaptation and dedication ! If you believe and stick out it not bad. But if it’s your first language being learned may take you longer as you we figuring out the techniques of what it means to code :smiley: As lot a you stick it out won’t be bad , Good luck!

Not C but interesting

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I always liked this compiler and IDE for windows:
Be prepared for some 1980s style programming fun, with not a lot of support and having to do many basic things youself in code. I would say avoid it unless there are specialized things you need. Eg. Microcontroller code, GPU programming, Shader programming.
Better these days:

As an actual replacement for C/C++, Mozilla’s Rust is a favorite nowadays: :sunglasses:

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Only Yashwant P Kanetkar Books is enough to learn C, Still if you are not unable to familiar this one, Then you can just go through with this list and can choose anyone & start your C Language Journey.

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How long is a piece of string? Maybe that is the real answer.

If we are talking about the object. There’s no one real answer I am sure there is a memory limit. But we are talking about huge lengths.