How get a sketch to run on startup of a Mac

I used Export Application in Processing to create an app. No errors were generated when it was created. This app runs fine if you click on it. However, if I put it in Login Items in an account set to auto login, the system tries to launch the app on machine startup, but quits unexpectedly. (The app’s icon appears briefly in the Dock, bounces a couple of times and quits.)

Is there a reliable way to get a sketch to run when an auto-login account is launched?

I am using a Macintosh.


George Roland

This is related to :wink: :

Yes it is. I thought perhaps by stating it a little differently I might stumble upon someone who has been able to get this to work.

I am a visual artist and it would be so wonderful in exhibition situations if I were able to provide the gallery with a monitor and computer that, when the computer was turned on, the work would run without further fussing. It seems that ought to be easy to do, but apparently it is not, at least at my skill level.

I found one article that seemed related, but the author assumed a lot more knowledge that I have. He talked about making a “bash” script. I have no idea what that means, for example.


Yes, if you want to investigate on that way, this post is quite clear:

And if you are not familiar with the command line and bash/shell you should because it’s a great tool to learn (even for non programmers)! :yum: