Autostart a program

I would like to start a sketch automatically on startup. Is that possible?

you would have to look into automation in windows or whatever platform you are using. This is an os feature as opposed to a program feature, as its the os that decides what applications begin at startup.

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Export your application using the file menu.
Create a shortcut to the executable.
Go to Start > Run > Shell:startup (or “Shell:common startup” if you want the sketch to boot for all users)
Copy the shortcut into the startup folder.

O.K. Let me be a little more specific . . . I’m building a clock using Raspberry Pi’s. Since it’s a clock I want it to be a clock at all times. So I don’t want to have to go through manually having to start the clock because of any shutdown reason. I want it to start up as a clock all the time. RPi’s normally run Linux (Raspbian, a form of Linux) as the OS. Any good suggestions?

Also, this is a processing sketch, so processing must be started (I assume) and then clock.pde

Processing is just a wrapper for java, once the app is compiled processing is no longer required as your app is standalone

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@KNealO96 most PCs have a cmos battery to keep clock going, not the RaspberryPI so your clock won’t keep going see

Yes, thank you monkstone, but the real question is restarting the clock sketch automatically after any type of shutdown. The “clocking” will be taken care of within the .pde

@KNealO96 have you seen this

Thanks Paul, I’ll look into this.