How does input() work?

Hello everyone, when I use the input() function, then run it, where should I write my user input? Right now my code looks like this: `

def userInput():
whereToGo = input(“Where would you like to go?”)


And when I run it, there is no where to put my input in the console. Can anyone help? Thanks

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I don’t think the Processing console can capture input like that.

How about using something that employs keyPressed() and text() functions to render user input in the display window –

def setup():
    size(300, 300)

where_to_go = ''

def draw():
    text('where would you like to go?', 20, 50)
    text(where_to_go, 20, 100)

def keyPressed():
    global where_to_go
    where_to_go += key

You can use a if key == ENTER within the keyPressed() function to detect when the user hits the enter key.

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