How do i make a username input interface (python)?

So i’m making a game in python processing and i need to have people input their names so it get’s attached to player 1 or player 2 etc…

def setup():
    name = input('enter your name')
    println('hi ' + str(name))
def input(name=''):
    from javax.swing import JOptionPane
    return JOptionPane.showInputDialog(frame, name)
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Hey, i mean like it as shown in the image.

You can take a look at this, if you want the Textfield to be part of the sketch :

Or you can use JTextField, which is a lot simpler, but will open an external JFrame window to set your Input.

Something like this :

void setup() {


void draw() {


void askNames() {
   JFrame nameFrame = new JFrame();
   nameFrame.setTitle(„Input Names“);

   JPanel name1Panel = new JPanel();
   JPanel name2Panel = new JPanel();
   JLabel name1Label = new JLabel(„Name1“);

   JLabel name2Label = new JLabel(„Name2“);

   JTextField name1TextField = new JTextField(„Name 1“, 15);
   JTextField name2TextField = new JTextField(„Name 2“, 15);





ControlP5 is one option. Guido might be another.

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