How to receive user input in processing

Recently I’ve been trying to find a way to have a user input some information into the program without having to alter the source code, but I have yet to find a solid answer online. I use java, so i’m not sure if that’s a factor, but if you guys have any solutions please let me know. (Also, the user input can be either the program asks you in a pop-up or the program asks you in the console, I don’t really care). That you all for your help!



thank you for the links, but unfortunately, I own a Mac, not a windows, and also these commands don’t seem to work when I run the program in processing

Hey! Read carefully!
The name “WindowJS” implies that the library provides functionality of the window object from Browser JavaScript - not that it’s Windows only. It is also pointed out in the post itself.
The problem is not that you have a Mac, rather you didn’t install the library, I guess. You first have to install the lib, and only then you can use the functions of WindowJS.
WindowJS is installed super-simply, just paste the file into your sketch folder. The download is provided in the original post.

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Thank you! I’m sorry, I’m not really tech-savvy, so I appreciate the clarification