How do I use Processing code in a different IDE?

Processing is my first code editor and it was great when I was making small projects, but the more time I put into a project the more I realize I spend most of my time trying to find a single method in my code. So I think it’s time to make the move so I can have collapse methods and autofill and many other creature comforts. The problem is I want to move my processing project to my new IDE(btw I chose Visual Studio). I’m assuming I would need to import processing as a package? But I’m not sure where/how to import that package. Any help would be helpful, if you need any additional Info just let me know!

Thx in advance…

Which operating system?

I have experience with Intellij and AndroidStudio but not VisualStudio.

Intellij - import Processing core library On MacOS it’s found in the app bundle at Contents/Java/core/library

Android Studio - copy which on MacOS is at Documents/Processing/modes/AndroidMode. Change name to processing-core.jar.

One of the links is here:

Recent thread:

Intellij reference:

I’m on windows 11, but I’m sure it’s somewhat the same idea. Do I just copy the core from the processing folder on my computer?

After doing a few Google searches I get the idea that VisualStudio is different. To avoid giving you bad information I think it’s better for you to do your own searches in addition to the ones that I found:

It’s also possible that someone else in this forum has experience with VisualStudio with the Windows operating system and can be of more assistance than me.

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Hi @Joseph,

by that …

… you mean VSCode or really MS Visual Studio ?

For the first it is quite easy and many tutorial out there (or by searching this forum), for the second rather impossible… :slight_smile:

— mnse

VScode for sure lol, Sorry for the confusion. I couldn’t find a way to import processing tho. I was probably asking the wrong questions. I though I would have to add the processing library as a package in VScode and the import it into my project. Is this correct?

Hi @Joseph,

Just take a look here and see the video linked inside…

Do it similar like this, but in the end where you create the Task json you should use as command the absolute path to your processing-java if it is not in your PATH environment variable.
Then it should work … let me know if you stuck …

— mnse

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I was able to follow the video that @svan sent and it was just doing that so thx guys.