How can my Chromebook students download Processing

My students are new to programming and I use Processing in my CSP course. How can they download Processing to their Chromebooks?

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Hi @lnoss,

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Chromebooks run ChromeOS as their main operating system and therefore it mainly supports web apps and specific apps.

You have two solutions:

  • Enable Linux and try to install Processing like you would do on a Linux computer

    Linux on Chromebooks: Here's how to install Linux apps

    Note that it might not be straightforward for your students and I don’t know if it works…

  • The most obvious way would be to use p5js since it’s JavaScript and it can run on any browser. You can use the p5 web editor and start coding directly without installing any apps.

    The downside of this is that your students must switch from Java to JavaScript which are close in syntax but have a similar API (the function names are the same as Processing)

You can also check the following link: