Running a Processing script without Java installed

So I need to be able to run a processing script without having java installed. Is it possible to run it in the browser maybe? I need to be able to run it on a different device other than just my own as well, if that matters at all. Thank you in advance

Hi @3xotic109,

To run Processing (for java) you definitely need java.
But if you have processing installed you implicitly have also the rolled out java with it.

If you want to run in a browser you can use like p5js (but have several js, resp. browser restrictions).

What exactly is your usecase?

— mnse

So im developing a game for a competition at school that I have and it requires to run the game as a standalone with no additional installations necessary. How exactly would I use p5js and would it be possible for what I need?

Hi @3xotic109 ,

Here a starting point for p5js (see the several topics and examples):

In the end you then have most probably a structure like

mygame/           (main folder)
mygame/data/      (folder for resources, ie images, etc)
mygame/lib/p5.js  (the p5js module/library)
mygame/sketch.js  (your code)
mygame/index.html (bundle and start your code)

The (ie mygame) folder then can be copied to the ie. pc (or extracted by ie zip) and can be started by clicking index.html

— mnse