How can I make a very simple FSK(Frequency Shift Key) generator?

I’m trying to make a very bare bones replica of a linux program(I use windows so I can’t use it) called minimodem.

What I’m trying to replicate is the part at 18 seconds, the transmitting part:

How would I go about creating a function that I can enter a string of text into and then it translates it to FSK modulation, at a baud rate that’s changeable, and then play it? Is that even possible in processing? Thanks.

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Hi 8bit_coder,

I would use the charAt() function.

In your draw loop, you first get the first character and a rectangle next to it.
Then you draw the first 2 characters and a rectangle next to it.
And so on and so on…

Try something by yourself and come back if you are stuck somewhere, you’ll get more answers :slight_smile:

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Cool project concept.

Are you planning on using the minim library or the Sound library?

I’m trying to use Minim to make it


What are the project details for the design – e.g. do you have a lookup table for which character should be what frequency? Do you know what the per-character duration should be?

If you are looking to generate tones, you might want to look at ugens