Minim AudioOutput and Oscil

is there a good simple tutorial for Minim apart from http://code.compart where audio output
creating Oscil and waveforms are discussed in a simple manner please advice

Hi @maddyna, Your first link is not formatted correctly and appears to be down right now.

Unfortunately, i can’t seem to find much tutorials on this library in general, hopefully someone else on here knows seems to be a good place to start if you’re new to the library. Also, the community seems pretty active on this form as well-

Here is a written tutorial that goes over a sound mapping example in detail -

If you wish, do you mind explaining your project or plans in more detail?

Hey there. I’m very new to the forum and am very rusty with Processing at the moment, but I spent quite a bit of time working with the MINIM libraries in the past, specifically the FFT functions and audio inputs. Is there something specific you had questions about?

When I was learning it, I mostly just clicked through that link you shared and coded until things did what I wanted them to do. There’s not a ton of info online other than that site that i’m aware of.